In the spirit of the holidays, I wrote an algorithm for adafruit’s neopixel RGB LED strips that replicates a randomized fire effect! There were none on the web, so I created my own! The code below should be copied and pasted into the main loop of adafruit’s “strandtest” sketch, happy holidays!

int r = 255;
int g = r-40;
int b = 40;

for(int x = 8; x <99; x++)
int flicker = random(0,150);
int r1 = r-flicker;
int g1 = g-flicker;
int b1 = b-flicker;
if(g1<0) g1=0;
if(r1<0) r1=0;
if(b1<0) b1=0;
strip.setPixelColor(x,r1,g1, b1);

NeoPixel Fire Effect!

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