I added a photocell today that pokes through a hole in the pcb and solders to the back. It needed a 1k resistor, and it was pretty hard to make enough room for it. Anyway, got it in. It’ll be used for adapting the brightness of the neopixel ring. Neopixels use around 30ma each at full brightness, so that’s a lot for the battery to handle. Also, in the dark, or even inside, full brightness would blind anyone who looked at it, so it would need to be dimmer. 50/255 is a good level, but outside, it might not be bright enough to see, so you’d need it brighter. To solve this, the photocell will read in ambient brightness values and adjust the brightness of the LEDs accordingly. No blindness. Viewable in sunlight. Perfect.

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v5.0 Update

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