After all my hard work, soldering iron burns, panic moments, unforeseen delays, and small victories, my smart watch finally exists:

With the case and new OLED display just in, I was able to remove the screen used for testing and permanently assemble the watch. Coming in at .5mm thinner than my previous generation OLED watch, it’s much thinner than I anticipated, and the 3D printed case is almost perfect, although I’ll order another top half of the case to tweak several spots to ensure a precise fit in the long run, but for the most part, it’s complete! Once I’m completely happy with the case, I’ll wire and adhere the QI wireless charging receiver to the bottom where a slot is inset for it and then I’ll be able to just place it down on my charging base and it will begin charging wirelessly and by itself. Now I will continue work on the smart phone companion app, and when that is finished and working, I’ll complete the operating system to use the communication standards I created in the app and add the fancy animations and features that will make this the coolest smart watch out there. When the watch is completely finished, I’ll be making an extensive writeup here on my website like v4.1’s page, but for now you can read all about my smart watch project in the Hackaday Prize on

Walltech 1.5″ Color OLED 3D Printed BTLE Smart Watch

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