Hello! I’ve had an idea for a watch recently incorporating Adafruit’s relatively new 12 neopixel ring! I’ve known I wanted to use one in a watch since I saw them, and now I’ve got a plan.



In the center I’m going to have a gold top layer with the Walltech logo in the center for use as a capacitive touch pad. Once tapped, the RGB magic will fade in in all its glory and display the time on the LEDs, the hour on its corresponding LED, and the minute as one of 5 colors per five minute segment. It won’t have nearly as much functionality as the OLED ones, but it’s iconic, stylized, will last longer on battery, and would be cheaper.



Gold upper layer with silkscreen on top. The ring sits around it, and the pcb would sit in a circular band.

Neopixel Timepiece (v5.0?)

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