It’s coming together! It looks really cool and I’ve decided to go with the Atmel Atmgea32u4 as the microcontroller. The onboard usb converter was a must, and its arduino compatibility and hand-solderable size make it perfect for this project! All the circuitry is complete for the microcontroller, RTC, LDO regulator and backup battery, lipo battery charger, micro usb, on-off switch, neopixel ring, and the capacitive touch pad with the walltech logo on it in the center. I still have to do the bootloading ICSP pins, and check overall, but it’s almost done! Take a look!

Top layer



Bottom Layer



I use Fritzing for my PCB design as it’s super easy and as you can see, you can make some pretty complex designs with it! If you have any questions about my project, feel free to use the contact page, or tweet me!

Watch v5.0 Update!
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